Our Mission
When we began this adventure, our mission has always been to support local, USA made companies, and carry authentic, handmade, quality items. We talked to vendors, went to trade shows, and shared our vision of what we wanted our store to represent. We are looking for a certain feel when you shop our store, a vibe, an emotion! We spend a lot of time looking for quality, unique, items made by artisans. This is what we have learned so far on our journey. IT IS HARD!!! With a lot of hours researching, and reaching out, we have FOUND some amazing USA made items, locally made items, and to be honest, some items that are not possible to buy in the USA. For example, our Silk Rags. Silk is made from by a caterpillar that lives in Europe, North America and Asia. Okay...this changes the game a bit. Now we look for Silk Rags that are printed in the USA, handmade, and high quality. We work very hard and pave our own path when we run into a road block. So this is our promise to you. We will always heavily shop USA made, local, handmade and quality items. But also, understand that there are amazing artisans all over the world that make authentic, quality items. We support small businesses that hold a high standard. With that being said, our prices represent the quality of our merchandise. From fun and affordable quality T-shirts, to one of a kind handmade items, our promise to you is to stay true to our mission and serve you the very best we can! 

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 Myndy & Kimberly
Written by The Urban Rancher

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